Jelena Brankovic

Jelena Brankovic is a PhD candidate at CHEGG and Research Associate at the Faculty of Sociology of Bielefeld University in Germany. In her PhD project she looks into how universities respond to broader societal dynamics, as well as how these responses in turn shape the environments in which they are embedded. Theoretically, she draws on sociological institutionalism, which she complements with insights from other scholarly traditions, such as social identity theory, social movements and status hierarchy literature.

Jelena holds a Master’s degree in Higher Education, awarded jointly by the University of Oslo, the University of Tampere, and the University of Aveiro, and an equivalent degree in English Language and Literature from the University of Belgrade. Her work experience includes a research post at the Centre for Education Policy in Belgrade and the position of the National Coordinator for the EU TEMPUS Programme in Serbia. She is a member of the European Group for Organizational Studies (EGOS) and the Early Career Higher Education Researchers (ECHER) network.

Research interests

  • Agents and actors in higher education
  • Governance dynamics
  • University associations
  • Neo-institutional theory
  • Status hierarchies



Academic Bibliography