Marco Seeber

Marco Seeber is postdoctoral researcher at CHEGG. His research aims to improve openness of higher education and research environments, explore the relational and symbolic spaces of universities, understand policy impact on organizational forms and actorhood. Empirically, he focuses on how factors at multiple levels and their interactions affect governance of higher education systems, management of universities, researchers' work and careers. His PhD (2006-09) analyzed governance changes related to NPM policies. From 2010-13 he was post-doctoral researcher at CORe - Centre on Organizational Research at the University of Lugano (CH). He has published in journals such as Public Management Review, Higher Education, Studies in Higher Education, Research Policy, Journal of Informetrics, Research Evaluation, Science and Public Policy and Research in the Sociology of Organizations.

Research interests

  • Policy, management and governance
  • Interdisciplinarity and innovation
  • Universities’ communication and relationships
  • Internationalization and inbreeding
  • Research evaluation, peer review
  • Organizational theories
  • Multilevel modelling



Academic Bibliography