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Introductory seminar: 'The challenges for higher education'

A general introduction to the seminar series, offering an overview of the nature of higher education, its historical roots and developments.

Particular attention was given to:

  • higher education as a prime example of a long-standing institution, apparently remarkably stable, but nevertheless undergoing significant changes
  • higher education institutions as “special” organisations
  • the public and private functions of higher education, including the various stakeholders in higher education
  • the enduring challenges
  • a perspective on higher education in and of the future.

Lecturer: Prof. Jeroen Huisman (Department of Sociology, Faculty of Political and Social Sciences, Ghent University)

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Coordination and contact: Ms. Meta Gorup (


The seminar is part of the series 'Higher Education: Global challenges and multi-disciplinary perspectives.'

In a series of eight seminars, internationally recognised scholars will address some of the most salient issues in higher education research, such as the position and role of students in higher education, public vs. private higher education, internationalisation and mobility, performance management, access to higher education and Europeanization.