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Seminar: 'Access or excess?'

The participation rate in higher education is (still) increasing, which seems to fit with the growing demands from the knowledge economy. But, are there limits to the growth, in that skills and knowledge of highly-educated graduates may be underused or that highly-educated graduates out-crowd those with low(er) qualifications? Moreover, research has shown that participation is unequal (in terms of both horizontal and vertical segregation) across gender, social class, and ethnic background. What is the state of the art re (in)equalities in access and participation? What kind of access and excess policies are in place and what are the effects?

Lecturer: Dr. Dominic Orr (German Centre for Research on Higher Education and Science Studies (DZHW), Hannover, Germany)

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Coordination and contact: Ms. Meta Gorup (


The seminar is part of the series 'Higher Education: Global challenges and multi-disciplinary perspectives.'

In a series of eight seminars, internationally recognised scholars will address some of the most salient issues in higher education research, such as the position and role of students in higher education, public vs. private higher education, internationalisation and mobility, performance management, access to higher education and Europeanization.