Activity Information

  •    31/05/2015 - 31/05/2015
  •    Ottawa, Canada

Martina Vukasovic participating in CSSHE panel

Martina Vukasovic took part through Skype in a panel discussion on “New Horizons in Advancing the Field of Higher Education Policy Research on Policy and Politics” which took part on the first day of the annual conference of the Canadian Society for Study of Higher Education, within the so-called “Governance Symposium”.

The panel was organized by Deanna Rexe (Simon Fraser University) and Paul Axelrod (York University), and included scholars from Europe, US and Canada. The focus was on the complexity of policy making dynamics, in particular the politics side of it with regards to positions of political parties and stakeholder groups (in particular student unions) as well as the transmission, migration and adoption of policy ideas from other contexts.