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  •    30/06/2015

CHEGG and the 2015 Conference Season

Martina Vukasovic will be at the International Conference on Public Policy conference (1-4 July, Milan). Freek van Deynze and Jelle Mampaey will be at the European Sociological Association Conference (25-28 August, Prague). Martina Vukasovic will be travelling to Montreal for the European Consortium of Political Research General Conference (26-29 August). Jeroen Huisman and Jelle Mampaey will be at the EAIR (The Higher Education Society) Forum (30 August - 2 September). Jelena Brankovic, Marco Seeber and Julie Birkholz will be attending the Consortium of Higher Education Research conference (7-9 September, Lisbon). Feel free to touch base!