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  •    01/07/2016 - 30/09/2016

CHEGG and the 2016 conference season

The conference season has already started and here is an update on where CHEGGers will be heading this summer and autumn.

July 7-9: Jelena Brankovic will be at the 32nd Colloquium of the European Group for Organizational Studies - EGOS (taking place in Naples, Italy), presenting within the sub-theme ‘Agents, Actors and Actorhood: Institutional Perspectives’.

July 12-15: Meta Gorup will be at the 12th International Conference on Organizational Discourse, which will take place in Amsterdam (the Netherlands).

July 23-28: Jelle Mampaey & Martina Vukasovic will present a joint paper at the 24th World Congress of Political Science, taking place in Poznań (Poland).

August 31 August – September 3: Jeroen Huisman & Jelle Mampaey will participate in the 38th Forum of the European Higher Education Society – EAIR, taking place in Birmingham (United Kingdom).

September 5-7: Jelena Brankovic, Melissa Laufer & Jelle Mampaey will present papers at the 29th annual Conference of Higher Education Researchers – CHER, organised this year in Cambridge (United Kingdom).

September 5-8: Meta Gorup will present a developmental paper at the 30th annual conference of the British Academy of Management, taking place in Newcastle (United Kingdom).

September 7-10: Martina Vukasovic will co-chair a panel and present a paper on transnational actors in knowledge policies, as well as act as a discussant in the panel on politicisation of knowledge policies at the General Conference of the European Consortium for Political Research – ECPR (as part of the section organized by the ECPR Standing Group on Politics of Higher Education, Research and Innovation). The conference takes place on Prague (Czech Republic).

September 13-16: Melissa Laufer will attend the 28th annual conference of the European Association for International Education - EAIE, taking place in Liverpool (United Kingdom).