Additional Information

  •    11/09/2017

CHEGG on web portal German Ministry of Education and Science

The German Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung (BMBF) introduces higher education research centres on its portal and recently added our centre to the list of research units. International sister institutes (and research partners of CHEGG) ike the Center for Higher Education Policy Studies (NL) and the Nordic Institute for Studies in Innovation, Research and Education (NIFU) also feature on the web portal. Elsewhere on the portal, information can be found on our German research partners, like the Deutsches Zentrum für Hochschul- und Wissenschaftsforschung (DZHW) in Hannover and the International Centre for Higher Education Research (INCHER) in Kassel. You can find the full interview with CHEGG director Jeroen Huisman here.