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Graduation and new CHEGG team members

A belated message to congratulate Martina Vukasovic, who successfully defended her PhD thesis on 2 June at the University of Oslo. According to those present, she did more than a fine job, not only during her trial lecture on MOOCs, but also during the defense of her thesis in front of a committee consisting of dr. Dijana Tiplic (University of Oslo), prof. Christopher Morphew (University of Iowa) and dr. Harry de Boer (University of Twente). 

This change of (not by!) degrees leads to another announcement on important changes in the CHEGG team. We are happy to welcome Melissa Laufer (graduate of the Fulda Hochschule, Germany) as a new team member. She will start her PhD in September 2014. Also a warm welcome to Julie Birkholz (currently PhD at the Vrije Universiteit, the Netherlands) who will join us in November 2014.