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  •    04/07/2017

PhD seminar Internationalisation of Higher Education

At the premises of the European University Foundation in Brussels, five PhD students - affiliated with CHEGG - met for two days to discuss their research projects on internationalisation and theoretical, methodological and practical challenges that come along with a PhD project. Attendees: Hana Fehrenbach (PhD student at the Humboldt University, Berlin, Germany), Irina Ferencz (ACA, Belgium, CHEGG PhD student), Adinda van Gaalen (Nuffic, the Netherlands, CHEGG PhD student), Melissa Laufer (CHEGG PhD student), Lina Zenkiene ( LCC International University, Lithuania, CHEGG PhD student) and Jeroen Huisman (professor Higher Education Governance, Ghent University). Queenie Lam (PhD student CHEGG) and INCHER visiting scholars Dongmei Tao and Gamze Usar attended part of the seminar by Skype.